iOS app Libon allows you to make voice calls for free

Orange has recently launched a communication app called Libon for iOS devices. It is currently available in 90 countries. This app allows users to make HD voice calls, send text messages as well as create personalised voice mails, which can be made from the application itself. This application can work using Wi-Fi as well as cellular networks, giving users the ability to make calls for free.

The main menu and the calling screen

The main menu and the calling screen


We have used this application, and in our initial analysis of it, we were not very impressed with the outcome. We had tried it on the iPhone 5 as well as the iPhone 4S. On the iPhone 5, contacts synced smoothly, and the app pulled all contacts from the handset’s phone book. On the iPhone 4S, there were some issues. During the setup process, the activation code was not received by email; we had to ask for a voice call from Libon with the activation code. Once the activation was complete, the contacts from the phone book did not sync. Calls received over Wi-Fi were extremely muffled, and the caller could not hear the recipient of the call at all.

We force-closed the application and tried again. This time the contacts were pulled to the contact list on the Libon app on the iPhone 4S. However, the performance of the app was the same during calls made over Wi-Fi, and voices were still barely audible.

The instant messaging feature worked extremely smoothly all the time.

We switched to 3G and the call quality was really good. Voice quality was very clear on either end, and surprisingly there were no issues at all even when we switched back to Wi-Fi.

For those wanting to keep their mobile phone bills to a minimum, the Libon app can be a good option. However, one should keep in mind that on 3G, using the app would consume a lot of data. Hence, it is advisable to use it primarily on a Wi-Fi connection.

The greetings page and the account settings

The greetings page and the account settings


As of now, this app is only available for iOS devices, but will be rolled out to Android devices in the first quarter of 2013.

An advantage of this app is that free HD calls can be made to Libon users in other countries as well. Your contacts only need to download Libon for free from the App Store to begin enjoying free HD calls internationally.

For each of your contacts, Libon summarises your recent conversations, pulling into one place instant messaging, calls, and voicemails so you can have insightful, contextual conversations. Libon's voicemail offers features including customised greetings for individuals or groups, and text transcription of voicemails. The last feature is available with a subscription.

Libon lets you sort your contacts into groups, each group hearing a customised greeting message. Callers are recognised by their names and even receive your location, if part of a trusted group. Greetings may integrate your last tweet or Facebook status to update the greeting message. Libon also has the ability to convert voice messages to text. With Libon you do not have to record greetings, just type them in Libon and choose a voice from our voice library. Contacts, conversations, and messages are saved and synced in Libon’s cloud. 


A free version of Libon is available with free HD calls and text messaging between Libon users, a visual voicemail with greetings customisation for up to three different contacts or groups of contacts, text-to-speech functionality, voicemails transcription for Libon contact messages, and iPhone and email notification of missed voicemails received.

In all 90 countries, users can opt for the Premium option. This in-app subscription provides unlimited customised greetings, full-length transcription of all voicemail messages, and unlimited storage and email copies of all voicemails. In addition, Libon offers its users of the premium version a full hour of international calling every month to landlines or mobile numbers in 31 countries excluding Spain, Slovakia, Romania, Belgium, Luxemburg, Dominican Republic, Armenia, and Moldavia, allowing users to use or experiment with Libon even with those who don't yet use it.


Click here to download Libon for your iOS device.

Published Date: Nov 23, 2012 01:22 pm | Updated Date: Nov 23, 2012 01:22 pm