iOS 7 could see deeper Flickr, Vimeo integration

Post integration with Facebook and Twitter in the recent past, Apple is looking to integrate – surprise, surprise – Flickr and Vimeo within iOS. The move seems to be in the direction of an increase in third-party social network integration plans for iOS 7.

Unnamed sources told 9to5Mac that both Flickr and Vimeo will be “integrated deeply” into the new operating system. Users will be able to sign into these networks using iOS 7’s built-in settings application, just like you can right now with Facebook and Twitter. A single log-in will grant users full sharing access to these social networks using their iOS devices.

Coming soon?

Coming soon?


The services being natively integrated will also mean that third-party apps will be able to access these social networks. You will be able to upload and share photos or videos to Flickr and Vimeo using this integration quite like how you can put up images and videos on Facebook and Twitter right now.

It must be noted that Flickr has been integrated within the iPhoto iOS App Store application as well as OS X Mountain Lion since 2012. However, If the iOS 7 integration does happen, it will be the first time that the photo sharing service will be integrated on a deeper level within the entire ecosystem.

Vimeo, on the other hand, might turn out to be a replacement app for YouTube on iOS. Ever since Apple booted out the YouTube app from iOS 6, a void has been created as far as video sharing goes. The app had been integrated within Mountain Lion last year, increasing the chance that it could also make its way to iOS 7 with deeper integration.

The source does warn that there is a “very real possibility” that these features could not make the final cut. Since the new software hasn’t even been officially announced yet, that could well be possible.