iOS 6 3D maps ported over to the iPhone 4

One of the more sparkly features of iOS 6 is the 3D maps that Apple's integrated into the iPhone 4S. The thing is though, the 3D maps are only available for the iPhone 4S and will not be supported officially on the iPhone 4. A developer has managed to port the 3D maps feature, albeit without the turn by turn directions, over to the iPhone 4.


According to SlashGear, a developer named Anton Titkov has made a service called 3DEnabler, which he used to bring over the 3D maps to an iPhone 4 running iOS 6 and jailbroken with the early jailbreak. Russian site, iguides reports that it's the turn by turn navigation that's proving difficult for him. Fair warning though, if you want the 3D maps on your iPhone 4, the process is a little more complicated. For one, it's a third party file installation, which Apple would, in no way, be happy with. Furthermore, while iOS 6 has already gotten a jailbreak, the Cydia store is still not accessible on jailbroken iOS 6 devices. If you do want to attempt it, however, (and you have a fairly strong hold on your Russian), the instructions to get the maps is here. Also, check out this video and part two of the first video for more.


3D Maps can come to your iPhone 4

3D Maps can come to your iPhone 4



This year's WWDC was hyped up to bring iOS 6. In addition to dropping Google maps and integrating Apple's own 3D maps service into the OS, Apple also brought Facebook integration and Siri to the iPad with the iOS 6 announcement. Furthermore, Apple upped the number of languages Siri could be supported in. This includes language support for English, French, German and Japanese, and adds support for Spanish, Italian, Korean, Mandarin and Cantonese.


Furthermore, Siri has been made 'smarter', by being able to provide you with scores to ongoing games, as well as restaurant recommendations. You can also talk to Siri to update your Facebook and Twitter. iOS 6 also brings with it Shared Photo Streams where you can share pictures and videos with your family on their own iOS devices using iCloud. Also, another sparkly feature is Passbook, the one stop hub for all your tickets. Will you try to get 3D Maps running on your older iOS device? Let us know how you fare in the comments section below.

Published Date: Jun 18, 2012 11:40 am | Updated Date: Jun 18, 2012 11:40 am