Interview with Stephen Robert Morse from Lightbox

The year gone by witnessed a rapid increase in the number of Android apps. It’s the diversification of the open platform, which triggered it. Astonishingly, there are just a few Android-only apps. side-stepped the usual norm and decided to go Android first.  A photo managing solution, Lightbox, has been around for a while with over 1.5 million downloads and its usage from India is the second highest. While iPhone has its dedicated Instagram, Lightbox was believed to be an Instagram killer. To know what sets Lightbox apart from the rest, we spoke to Stephen Robert Morse, the Director of Outreach of and Lightbox Android app, who is on a visit to Mumbai. 

Basically, you upload photos on on the web or by using the Lightbox Android app that automatically organizes them by creating photo journals with a timeline of postcards. Lightbox has a mobile site for iOS devices, but uploading photos would still require a dedicated IOS app to come to the fore. “Photos taken with the Lightbox app are automatically synced with the service, as well as photos that are uploaded from the site. We are using HTML5 to make photos available on all platforms (within a browser). This is compatible with most advanced desktop browsers, also including iOS products like the iPhone and the iPad,” said Stephen.


The probable time for the Lightbox for iOS is about six months, Lightbox is focusing on the Android platform, he says. Check out the video for interview.

Stephen Robert Morse, Lightbox