Interview With Sat Murthi, Executive Vice President, Binatone

The introduction of yet another low budget tablet into the Indian market after the Rs. 1600 tablet and the OlivePad , to name a few, is quite exciting as far as Indian technology goes. While the press release provided us with a few specs, we did have a few queries about the new device that Binatone (UK ) was bringing to our shores. For this we spoke with Sat Murthi who happens to be the Executive Vice President and Spokesperson of Binatone who provided us with a few answers to question we had.

Q. It’s being called the ‘Home Surf Touch Tablet’, does that imply it’s only for home users (meaning casual Internet usage, web browsing and emails), or can it be used for office work as well?
A. Of course office going people can use it too. It is especially useful when you have to make presentations due to its light weight. To enhance the memory we can use the pen-drive also. Hence, making it a handy device when data needs to be copied transferred or previewed.

Q. So who is the target audience for the Home Surf Touch Tablet?
A. The target audience for the touch Tablet would be the youth and working class. We wish to make computing a common man’s necessity rather than a luxury.

Q. Which version of Android does it use and is it upgradeable to Froyo and later versions?
A. It runs on Android OS 1.6 and it is not upgradable.