Interview With Nimesh Thakkar of Nikon India's Technical Office (West)

You asked the questions and Nimesh Thakkar of Nikon India's Technical Office (West), has taken the time out to answer them as best as he can. So here you are guys, stay tuned more online interviews.

Q1) Right now in Mumbai, there is only one Nikon official service center and they weren't able to help me with my camera. They recommended that I try a third party camera repairer. Are there any plans to build any more repair centers and if yes, will they keep recommending to go to other repairers? – Padmini
Ans: - Dear Padmini,
We regret the inconvenience caused to you. At present, we do not have any plan to open a next service centre in Mumbai. We assure you that our service center could not have suggested you any third party repairer. May be there was some miscommunication which we would like to clarify. Please feel free to contact me on

Q2) Hi Nimesh, I'm about to start taking photography up as a profession so for that reason I need your help. For starters which DSLR camera(s) do you recommend which should serve my need for at least 3-4 years. My max budget is around 20-25K and I have short listed 2 models from Nikon.
1) P90 (selling for 15K approx) 2) D3000 (selling for 23K approx)If you have any other better options please suggest. Thanks. - Rohit Taneja
Ans: - Dear Rohit,
Kindly note: - The Nikon COOLPIX P90 is not a D-SLR Camera. It is a point and shoot camera and has been discontinued. An upgraded model, the COOLPIX P100 is available now. Considering your budget, the Nikon D3000 with AF-S 18-55mm VR kit would be an ideal choice for you. MRP: 25,450/-

Q4:- Dear Nimesh, I would like to ask you about the Nikon D5000, is it the best camera for taking a very close picture of flowers and plant leaves etc.? I need your advice, which is the cheapest camera and lens to buy to take with me in the field to take the best pic for my research. Many Thanks. – Rafaa
Ans: - Dear Rafaa,
Nikon D5000 is a great choice for your work, but for really high quality close up shots, you would also require a micro lens. Our suggestion would be the AF-S DX Micro NIKKOR 85mm f/3.5G ED VR. Nikon D5000 Kit with AF-S DX 18-55mm VR f/3.5-5.6G MRP Rs. 37,950/- And Micro Lens AF-S DX Micro NIKKOR 85mm f/3.5G ED VR MRP Rs. 44,950/-.

Q5:- When will Nikon D90 be announced? India? - Behzad Zamanian
Ans:- Dear Behzad,
Nikon D90 has already been in the market from 27-08-2008. Please note the prices.
D90 with AF-S 18-105 mm VR lens MRP Rs. 58,950/- (Kit) ,D90 MRP RS. 43,450/-(Body Only)

Q6:- My budget is Rs. 30,000. In that budget which is the best model you can recommend? - Puneeth.S
Ans: - Dear Puneeth,
My suggestion to you would be Nikon D3000 MRP: 25,450/-. For more information log on to

Q7:- Hi Nimesh,I am a Nikon user and now I'm thinking of migrating to canon for the sole reason that all its lenses are compatible with all its DSLR's. Can you give me a strong reason that would convince me to stay with Nikon? My heart says I should buy the Nikon, but mind is logical and it says buy a canon. Awaiting your reply. Thanks for giving this opportunity. - Pruthvi Khamithkar
Ans:- Dear Pruthvi,
It seems that you have been miscommunicated or misguided. Kindly note Nikon is the only company, which has the option to use most of the Nikkor lenses manufactured since 1959, in the new generation D-SLR camera bodies. For more details you can refer to this article -

Q8:- Can we expect Nikon to release its own underwater case for its DSLR cameras? - Shravan Batlanki
Ans: - Dear Shravan,
Nikon was the first to manufacture an underwater SLR camera but at present, we do not manufacture any underwater camera housing. However, we thank you for the feedback and will definitely forward your query to the concerned department.

Q9:- Do U have any 14 Mp wt 30X SLR camera coming out this year? Like Olympus’ SP 800 UZ? I find Nikon’s interfaces is more user friendly than most cameras. I’m on the lookout for this product. Can you let me know? - Nesfield Sangma
Ans: - Dear Sangma,
Are you looking for Nikon D-SLR or point and shoot camera? Please note in DSLR cameras there is no 30 x zoom.( Olympus’ SP 800 UZ is a compact digital point and shoot camera).
My suggestion for point and shoot camera with high zoom range is the

Published Date: Sep 02, 2010 12:33 pm | Updated Date: Sep 02, 2010 12:33 pm