Internet Explorer 9 Might Release on the 14th of March

While Microsoft has already launched a Release Candidate 9 back in February, it seems to be the appropriate tme for the final version of the browser to release. And that is what they might be doing now.

Another version of the

Another version of the "we don't care" browser



According to Engadget, a non-beta, non-RC version of Internet Explorer 9 might release in the South by Southwest gathering in Austin, Texas. It's also being said that a direct download will be available at 9 PM ET on the 14th of March.The sources have also mentioned that Microsoft Developer Network's Indian branch has supposedly tweeted an announcement of IE9 launching on March 24th at Tech.Ed India 2011. However, that tweet is unavailable for now.

So while these may sound quite speculative, it just might not surprise you if the launch date came and went. That's if you actually used Internet Explorer in the first place!

Published Date: Mar 02, 2011 04:36 pm | Updated Date: Mar 02, 2011 04:36 pm