Internap boosts website performance for Force India

Internap Network Services Corporation, a provider of intelligent IT Infrastructure services, today announced the key performance benefits Sahara Force India - a Formula One racing team based in Silverstone, United Kingdom - has experienced since it moved its website hosting to Internap. Using Internap’s “performance package” of Managed Hosting, IP and Content Delivery Network services, Sahara Force India has increased the average time spent on its site by 52 percent, improved the website load time by 50 percent and increased the number of pages viewed per visit by 16 percent.


As a fast-rising Formula One team, Sahara Force India has relied on its website as the primary means for establishing its brand, communicating with the media covering the sport, and engaging with its growing, global fan base. Since its founding in 2007 until earlier this year, the team operated a basic website with limited dynamic content. As the team’s popularity and web traffic grew, the website was hampered by persistent availability, latency and scalability challenges, particularly when traffic spiked during race weekends.


Sahara Force India

Sahara Force India




A key goal for Sahara Force India this year was the launch of an entirely re-designed website with support for dynamic, rich media content like high-definition images, videos and other multimedia features to create an immersive experience for fans as the team travels the global race circuit. To address the previous IT Infrastructure challenges, Sahara Force India selected Internap to host and deliver the new website based on Internap’s high-performance Managed Hosting services, global content delivery footprint and 100 percent uptime service level agreement.


“The difference between success and failure in our sport is measured in fractions of a second and often comes down to a combination of engineering and design, race strategy and driving skills,” said Vijay Mallya, team principal and managing director of Sahara Force India. “We’re also a business, so we recognize the need to translate our success on the track into a global brand with a loyal fan base. Our website is the primary venue for our fans to gather and interact with the team as we travel the globe, and the performance improvements Internap have delivered are critical to growing our following and our business.”


“As a results-focused business, we’re excited about the improvements in website performance and fan engagement that Sahara Force India has obtained from our Managed Hosting and Content Delivery Network services,” said Eric Cooney, president and chief executive officer at Internap.


Sahara Force India uses Internap’s Managed Hosting solution, along with the company’s route-optimized Performance IP and Content Delivery Network services. This enables the team to distribute its content globally to fans and members of the press and easily scale to handle local spikes in traffic ahead of races. In addition, Internap’s “performance package” allows Sahara Force India to deliver its multimedia content on computers, smartphones, tablets and other devices, ensuring fans can access the website and interact with the team anytime and from anywhere.