Interactive trailer for Dishonored showcases different paths in a level

One of the most anticipated games of this year – Dishonored – recently got an interactive trailer as a means of showcasing the different ways it is possible to tackle any given situation. The different ways include using your abilities to scale buildings and enter that way, or simply walking in through the front door and massacring your way through hordes of enemies without a care in the world.

The choices you can make in the game range from destroying everything that has a pulse or playing as a complete pacifist where you don’t have to kill anyone, including your targets. There are side missions where you can make provisions to have your target taken out of the picture instead of simply killing them.

Dishonored got a trailer back in September that showed some more of the development process behind the game. The developer explained the challenges of working on a brand new intellectual property (IP) in a genre and setting that isn’t explored very much in games these days. The player takes control of the character, Corvo, who is the main protector of the queen of the realm. He gets wrongfully accused of her assassination and is thrown in the jail. Players start the game by escaping from the jail and then start off on Corvo’s grim quest for revenge and to set everything right again.

The steampunk stealth game Dishonored gets a new gameplay trailer

Good old Corvo gets the choice to either kill things or sneak past things to kill other things


The game is a lot like the older Thief games or Hitman games. The game focuses on stealth and allows multiple ways to finish your objective, along with a wide variety of weapons and powers. Dishonored boasts a number of features not often seen in games these days, such as the capability for pacifist runs where the player doesn’t kill anybody, and many different ways to finish missions, including stealthy runs where no one sees the character, or an all out balls-to-the-walls violent run where the player destroys everything in his path.


In August, Bethesda had released a gameplay trailer for Dishonored titled The Study of Stealth, where the developer explains the main stealth mechanics of Dishonored. The trailer explains various game mechanics, such as line of sight, stealth kills and how to not make noise while walking. The video also shows some of the spells available to the player, such as the spell that allows a player to see the line of sight of any nearby guards or other characters.

Bethesda has released other videos in the past for the game, including a video that shows all the interesting and wacky ways to kill the enemies, one of which includes possessing a rat. The developer has said that it would be interesting to see what different ways players will come up with when using the abilities. The game boasts of many abilities and no one player will be able to have all the abilities in the game on the same character, claims the developer.

Dishonored is set to be released tomorrow for the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3 and the PC.

Published Date: Oct 08, 2012 05:50 pm | Updated Date: Oct 08, 2012 05:50 pm