Intel’s Ultrabook hits roadbumps as manufacturers demand discounts

The new Apple MacBook Air might be out but Intel has plans for mainstream PC and notebook manufacturers to head the same way. Just a few days back, Intel Capital allotted some $300 million for the Ultrabooks movement. At around the same time, mainstream notebook manufacturers have demanded that Intel make provisions in the form of discounts on the hardware required to build these ultrabooks. The cheapest of the new MacBook Airs sell for a relatively low $999 price tag but Intel along with its partners hopes to beat that price by offering a similar design and form factor but at a lower price. Product prices are expected to be somewhere in the $700 price range (roughly Rs. 32,000 - Rs. 35,000). 

The future is slim?

Taking on the MacBook Air



In comparison to Intel’s processors, manufacturers seem to find offerings from mobile processor manufacturers to be much more competitive. Without a big enough discount, trying to manufacture a product that’s cheaper than the Apple MacBook Air is going to be a daunting task. Intel doesn’t seem to be willing to agree to the terms of some of the agitated companies as of now. Intel hasn’t done too well in the tablet market whereas ARM processor manufacturers have done exceedingly well all thanks to the interest in tablets over the last year or so.