Intel's Shipping Out the Faulty 6-Series Chipsets Again!

Intel announced a few days ago that their 6-series chipsets were faulty, and that it’d cause them a loss of around $1 billion thanks to replacements and lost Sandy Bridge sales. Looks like that burden was too heavy to bear, as the company’s now shipping the faulty chipsets out again.

Not sure if serious

There’s a catch though – OEMs can’t get their hands on them unless they assure Intel that they won’t be using the faulty SATA ports, the main cause for the recall. Two SATA ports on the P67 and H67 chipsets are faulty and will cause a 6% decrease in hard-drive performance over a three-year period. However, the rest of the SATA ports are unaffected, meaning as long as the ports that are are avoided, there won’t be an issue.

It’s kind of strange, though. Intel have already begun manufacturing fixed chipsets, so how would one go about spotting the difference between the fixed versions and the faulty ones? We’ll just have to keep our ears on the look-out for any announcements on that end, I guess.