Intel's 8th generation Coffee Lake CPUs will debut on 21 August, promise "blazing fast performance"

Intel’s 8th generation core family will debut on 21 August, says Intel. The latest generation of Intel’s processors have a lot riding on their shoulders and need to be fully prepared to fight off the threat that AMD Ryzen now presents.

Intel's 8th generation CPUs are coming.

Intel's 8th generation CPUs are coming.

With the launch of these products, Intel is promising “blazing fast performance”, better “immersive experiences” and to experience what a VR creator and imaging technologist can do with the technology at hand.

All of this will be streamed live on Intel’s Facebook page and at the Intel Newsroom.

The 8th generation platform has been dubbed Coffee Lake and will succeed Intel’s Kaby Lake chips. Intel has been very quiet about the launch, but we are expecting these chips to use a 10 nm manufacturing process.

A few days ago, details of Intel’s upcoming 8th generation i3 chips did leak online. The CPUs, an Intel Core i3 8100 and an i3 8350K are supposed to be quad-core chips with four processing threads. The former is apparently clocked at 3.6 GHz with a 65 W TDP and the latter at 4 GHz with a 91 W TDP.

The PC enthusiasts among you must be indulging in a double-take after reading the above line. It’s true, if the leaks are to be believed, Intel is finally releasing a quad-core i3 CPU on an LGA1151 socket.

Traditionally, Intel has offered i3 chips with two cores and four threads, i5 chips with four cores and four threads and i7 chips with four cores and eight threads. Another intriguing aspect of these chips is that they no longer have Turbo Boost support. Intel chips normally boost a few cores to improve performance under certain workloads.

Bearing in mind that these are just leaks and unconfirmed by Intel, we don’t think that such a jump in core count would have happened if it wasn’t for Ryzen. So, thank you, AMD.

Published Date: Aug 11, 2017 14:36 PM | Updated Date: Aug 11, 2017 14:55 PM