Intel Windows 8 tablets to hit markets in November

Windows 8 tablets are coming soon to give a stiff competition to the current set of tablets in the market. As reported, we’ll see Intel-based Windows 8 tablets in November. The source went on to mention that the schedule has been pretty tight as it’s a new operating system with close to four to five architectures – Intel, AMD and ARM. What has also been divulged is that these tablets may go ahead in the convertible category, which means that they will have both a physical detachable keyboard, along with a touch interface on the slate – something on the lines of the Asus Transformer Prime. This will enable easier transition for the current generation of users, as there will be both a tablet and a laptop with a physical keyboard, which brings together the best of both the worlds. 


The next step

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The upcoming devices will come with Intel’s Clover Trail Atom chip, which is the company’s premier dual core Atom-based 32 nm technology. A single core version exists, too, which is powering the Lava XOLO, which we are currently in the process of reviewing. A couple of other manufacturers have also adopted Intel-based chips. 


Tablets, or these new hybrid devices, may also come with Ivy Bridge processors, but details about those are still unclear, yet. What’s also been revealed is that older applications could possibly run on Windows 8. Windows RT, however will not be allowed to run the older applications. Along with this, Intel is currently developing a chip, which goes by the name of ‘Bay Trail’ and this will be the company’s future 22 nanometer chip. Chances are high that Bay Trail will make use of Intel’s own graphics. The source further mentioned that, "It is a gigantic performer, with similar battery life to Clover Trail. It will also have a lot of security features built in and Infineon [3G/4G] silicon inside." 


Windows 8 tablets are soon going to enter the market, which only means good news for consumers.

Published Date: May 14, 2012 02:09 pm | Updated Date: May 14, 2012 02:09 pm