Intel To Bring 3D Transistors to the Fore in 2012

Intel has just unveiled its latest surprise package. Its latest Ivy Bridge processors will come with three-dimensional tri-gate transistors. The current technology will be a breakthrough revolution in the transistor technology that has been around for some 50 years.

3D inside..

3D inside..


In 2012, Intel’s latest prodigy will get ready for unveiling. Implementing well on Moore’s law that does mention the change in silicon technology every two years to keep up with the doubling of transistor density, Intel has nicknamed the three-dimensional tri-gate transistors to be its most ‘significant technology announcement of the year’. The transistors so far have been using the two-dimensional planar transistor structure.

The three-dimensional tri-gate structure, Intel claims will encourage the chips to operate with low voltage, and even lower leakage. The performance too seems to have been improved manifold with the novel 3D technology. Almost a 37per cent hike in performance is what Intel claims.

Although being replaced by the three-dimensional tri-gate structure now, the veteran transistors have been effectively powering all consumer electronics, as well as the controls within cars, space craft, too. The 3D innovation, however, will make it possible for the transistor to be feasible for usage in small handheld devices.

Published Date: May 05, 2011 04:43 pm | Updated Date: May 05, 2011 04:43 pm