Intel Settles Lawsuit with WiLAN

Back in October 2007, WiLAN slapped a lawsuit against Intel regarding infringement of its wireless patents, followed by a claim related to Bluetooth. Three years later, the case has been settled out of court with both Intel and WiLAN finalizing on a deal.

Settlements Inside?

Reuters says that although WiLAN has settled issues with Intel, they will continue to go after Apple, Dell and HP regarding the same issue. In November, WiLAN also pressed charges of infringement of their cable systems and modem patents against Comcast Corp, Time Warner Cable and Charter Communications.

While there has been no mention from Intel or WiLAN about the payment, the amount is said to be "substantial” as per Alexander Poltorak, chief executive of General Patent Corp. It is said that Intel will be paying WiLAN on a multi-year license covering WiLAN’s entire patent portfolio.

A few days back, Intel had agreed to pay Nvidia a sum of $1.5 billion where both parties get access to each other’s technologies.

Published Date: Jan 17, 2011 05:19 pm | Updated Date: Jan 17, 2011 05:19 pm