Intel pulls the plug on several LGA 1366 and 1156 CPUs

With too many SKUs and different generation processors still in the market, Intel is finally doing some spring cleaning (more like winter cleaning) with their CPU line-up as well as some of their older chipsets. Before Ivy Bridge hits the streets next year, the company is clearing their inventory to make way for the new arrivals. CPUs like Core i7-860, Core i7-930, Core i7-950, Core i7-960, Core i7-980 and the Core i7-990X, which are based on the LGA 1366 platform will reach EOL on June 29, 2012. The fate awaits LGA 1156 CPUs like the Core i3-540, i5-650, i5-660, i5-670, i5-680, i7-860, i7-870 as well as the Pentium G6950 and G6960. Tray SKUs, however will still be available till December 7, 2012 or till supplies are depleted.

Sandy Bridge over Troubled Waters

Out with the old, in with the new


LGA 1366 was first introduced in November 2008 and has been able to hold its own till today against newer CPUS like Sandy Bridge and AMD’s Bulldozer. Intel’s recently launched Sandy Bridge-E based on the LGA 2011 socket will replace the LGA 1366. Socket 1156, on the other hand had a shorter shelf life, since it was introduced in a September of 2009, only to be replaced by LGA 1155 or Sandy Bridge at the start of this year. Along with the CPUs, Intel also plans to retire H55, P55 and H57 chipsets. 


Published Date: Dec 10, 2011 03:50 pm | Updated Date: Dec 10, 2011 03:50 pm