Intel Ivy Bridge CPUs to Feature PCI-E 3.0

Intel’s 7 series (Panther Point) chipsets will feature PCI-Express 3.0 to be used with graphic cards. The slides detailed on, say that PCI-E 3.0 will offer double the bandwith over PCI-E 2.0

overlocking on high end only.

Overlocking on high end only.


The 22nm processors will also include integrated USB 3.0 as well as integrated HD graphics and audio. Out of the total fourteen USB ports, only four will be USB 3.0, while the rest are USB 2.0  But the catch to all of this, is that with the Panther Point CPUs, Intel will support Flexible Display Interface (FDI). Also, only the Z-series of CPU will support overclocking, while the H-series will not. Another downer for the H-series, is that unlike the Z-series that support a wide range of PCI-E configurations, the H-series will support only 1 graphic card.


While the lack of support for more than 1 graphic card is not that big of a deal to many people, the locking out of overclocking features on the H-series (which may be targeted at mainstream consumers) is bound to cause a stir and will most likely not go down well with even the most hardened Intel supporters.

Published Date: Apr 29, 2011 11:52 pm | Updated Date: Apr 29, 2011 11:52 pm