Intel Curie module powers cooling vents in the Chromat Aeros sports bra

Intel and experimental US clothing studio Chromat have unveiled a new high-tech sports bra along with a 3D-printed dress that will respond to the consumer's adrenaline levels. Chromat showcased these clothes at its Spring Summer 2016 Collection and, both the garments are powered by Intel Curie, a low-power base for responsive consumer and industrial wearables.

Chromat believes that, "the clothing should be able to sense the wearer’s data sets - the heart rate, temperature, breathing patterns, stress - and the wearer's environment - temperature, air levels, GPS, social setting - and be able to adapt and respond accordingly."


The company points out that by serving as an extension of the sensory systems, the responsive garments reflect a concept known as biomimicry, where nature is used to solve complex human problems. The new Chromat Adrenaline Dress powered by Intel, is composed of 3D printed panels designed in collaboration with Francis Bitonti and an interlinked, expandable carbon fiber framework. When the garment senses adrenaline, the dress’s framework mimics the fight-or-flight mode and extends the wearer’s sensory system to form an imposing shape.

Image: Chromat

Image: Chromat

The next wearable by the company is its first sportswear prototype built with Intel technology, known as the Chromat Aeros Sports Bra. Powered by Intel, the high-tech bra is 'inspired' by wind, air and flight. The Chromat Aeros Sports Bra leverages shape memory alloy to open vents to cool down the body when it senses heat and sweat.

With integration of the Intel Curie module, the sports bra can intuitively respond to perspiration, respiration and body temperature as well. Chromat states, "the Intel powered garments, along with the full collection of swim, sportswear and footwear, illustrate the potential of future integrations of fashion and technology."

Have a look at the the Chromat SS16 Momentum Runway Show below:

Published Date: Sep 16, 2015 13:59 PM | Updated Date: Sep 16, 2015 13:59 PM