Intel Confident of Beating ARM in the Mobile Computing Space

Last year, Microsoft decided to announce that it will develop a new version of Windows for the ARM processors. The news may not have sat well with Intel, as they were taken aback by the sudden bombshell and have now decided to take the fight to ARM themselves.

Lets get ready to RRRUUMMBBBLLEEEEE...

In a chat with the, an Intel spokesperson said the following, “With over 30 years of compatibility, we will easily scale down to a lower power Windows to match our Atom processor family, or any x86-based Intel chip”.

He also added that "Windows will always run best on Intel" and that porting Windows to a new architecture, where chips are generally incompatible with each other and require sizable investment in millions of other software code, applications and middleware will be a complex and costly affair.
Intel also pointed to comments made by executive vice president Dadi Perlmutter, who said that by the time Microsoft develops a new version of Windows for Tablets, Intel will already be in a position to beat ARM in terms of battery efficiency.

While all this is fine and dandy, the thing to worry about is that both Microsoft and Intel maybe losing out on the tablet market, as the entire world is buying something that is powered by neither products. Yeah, you're right, we are talking about the iPad.