Instagraph integrates Metrogram for a complete Instagram experience on WIndows Phone

Windows Phone users seem to be getting the short end of the stick from of a lot of big apps. While the YouTube saga between Google and Microsoft seems to be getting sorted, Instagram is nowhere on the horizon yet. Don’t fret, though. Instagraph and Metrogram have a plan up their sleeves to make Instagram more accessible for Windows Phone users.

The apps have decided to integrate their capabilities into each other’s services, instead of making a whole new app. Instagraph now sports a Metrogram button within its app that will take you straight to the other app. Within Metrogram, you can have a look at your followers’ pictures as well as those of ones you wish to follow. You will also be able to search for hashtags and images that you have liked.

Metrogram comes along with Instagraph now

Metrogram comes along with Instagraph now


You can also add comments from your web feeds now thanks to the Instagraph update. Additionally, you can add a different border colour to your images when you’re on the crop page. While users having Windows Phone 8 handsets will be able to receive this update in its entirety, Windows Phone 7x users will receive it minus the Metrogram integration.

Metrogram too is due for an update any time now. The last update the app received was back in April. The update should see a button that will direct users to Instagraph, quite like the latter app now has.

You can grab Instagraph for Windows Phone from the Store here. Note that Instagraph costs 99 cents, which comes to roughly 55 Rupees. Metrogram, on the other hand, is a free download. However, if you feel this to-and-fro between apps is getting a little complicated for you, you can simply download the all-encompassing Itsdagram for Windows Phone and get on with clicking images.

Published Date: May 25, 2013 03:26 pm | Updated Date: May 25, 2013 03:26 pm