Instagram's "Photos of You" section now open to all

Instagram has reminded its users that the newly-introduced “Photos of You" section has now been thrown open to everyone. Everyone who is able to see your profile and the images in it will now also be able to access the “Photos of You” section and view photos others have tagged you in.

In a major refresh earlier this month, Instagram introduced the tagging feature to its Android and iOS apps. Instagram lets you now add names to faces as easily as you add hashtags to your images, before you upload them.

After you’ve clicked and added filters to your image, Instagram will now prompt you to add tags to your images. You can tag people you follow on Instagram to your freshly clicked pictures. When you’re adding tags, you can also move the tag around and add more of them before finally processing the image.

Tagged photos to now be visible

Tagged photos to now be visible


Unlike parent company Facebook, only you can add tags to your images on Instagram and have complete control over it. Very thoughtful of Instagram, we think. If you’ve been tagged in an image, you will receive a notification from the application and the image will show up in the “Photos of You” section of your profile.

Since “privacy woes” has been the middle name of Instagram since the past few months, the service has been very cautious with this new feature that throws your images open to the public. Even as it introduced this feature, Instagram let users get used to the new section by giving it a long private duration of about 10 days.

This 10 day feature has now expired and the “Photos of You” section of your profile is now available for viewing. Of course, Instagram has made arrangements for protecting your privacy over this section.

You can change the security settings in a way that nothing appears in the “Photos of You” section without your approval. You can also choose who can see the images by changing visibility settings at

In case you’re not already on the Instagram bandwagon, you can download Instagram for iOS from the App Store here and for Android from Google Play here and go crazy with the tagging.

Published Date: May 17, 2013 12:40 pm | Updated Date: May 17, 2013 12:40 pm