Instagram may be coming to Windows Phone on June 26

Now here’s a rumour we’re wishing desperately is true. It looks like Instagram could be making its way to Windows Phone 8 handsets as soon as this month, although with a few limitations. 


Chinese website WPDang has claimed that Instagram will be making its long awaited debut on Windows Phone on June 26. The rumour also suggests that the app will have an exclusive photo filter just for Windows Phone. 


There’s a catch though. According to the website, the application will only be available on latest Windows Phone 8 devices by Nokia. So, if you own a phone like the HTC Windows Phone X, tough luck. 

Come soon! (Image Credit: Nokia Innovation)

Come soon! (Image Credit: Nokia Innovation)



The popular photo-editing application owned by Facebook has been longed for by Windows Phone users. More importantly, Nokia has wanted Instagram for Windows Phone for far too long now. The Finnish giant even started a Twitter campaign called #2InstaWithLove to have users convince Instagram to grace the platform. 


Back in September last year, rumours first emerged about Windows Phone finally getting Instagram. Nine months and several false alarms later, Instagram has remained mum on the issue of bringing the ultra-popular app to the platform. 


Meanwhile, Windows Phone users who really want to use Instagram are stuck with options like Itsdagram, Instagraph and Metrogram to fulfill their hipster-picture ambitions. 


Well, there might be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for Windows Phone 8 users – even if only a part of them – but spare a thought for BlackBerry 10 users who will, in all probability, not get Instagram anytime soon. Now to wait for an announcement by Instagram about a Windows Phone 8 release. 

Published Date: Jun 07, 2013 15:57 PM | Updated Date: Jun 07, 2013 15:57 PM