Instagram knockoff 'Itsdagram' pulled from Windows Phone Store

Windows Phone users will have to wait a while longer to customise their photos like their Android brethren. Instagram, which has 200 million users and counting, is no where to be seen on the app store horizon, despite Nokia's very public moves to woo the photo based social network, including the much talked about #2instawithlove.


Several knockoffs have come and gone in the interim, with Photogram and a few others somewhat making up for the host of filters that Instagram leaves at your disposal. Itsdagram, the newest entrant in the app store, was released on Friday in its Beta (in testing) form, but was pulled out shortly after due to a few bugs in the system.

An 'Instagram'ish experience for the Windows user

An "Instagram"ish experience for the Windows phone user



Among the bugs found was a lack of filters which allow users to change the look of their pictures. Another problem was the lack of a user page with which to view your uploaded pictures. However, while testing the app, alleged that the app looked and felt like the native app itself. Another good point of the app noted was the fact that while uploading pictures, the images appeared with an URL, which is great because you don’t need to cringe any longer under accusations of using a "fake instagram".


While the issues of filters, customising your personal page and liking photos viewed should be addressed in later editions of the app, for now, WP users can have a look at another third party app, Winstagram, which uploads your photos directly to Instagram, but doesn’t allow you to see your photos (you need another app for that); it will cost about $1.99 dollars to download. While it isn’t the best alternative, for now, the gaping hole in the WP app market doesn’t leave you with many other options.

Published Date: May 13, 2013 14:15 PM | Updated Date: May 13, 2013 14:15 PM