Instagram improves Twitter sharing experience

Instagram, the popular mobile photo sharing app, has now made it easier for users to share their photos to Twitter. In an official blog post yesterday, Instagram revealed that it will now translate @mentions for users who have a Twitter username different from their Instagram one. 


If the @mentioned user's Instagram account is connected to Twitter, her Instagram username will show up in the image caption, while her Twitter username will appear in the tweet. The @mentioned users whose Instagram accounts are not connected to Twitter will have their Instagram username show up in the image caption and the @sign will be omitted from the username when the image is shared to Twitter. As for those @mentions that do not match any Instagram usernames, the @ sign will be carried over to Twitter as they are. 


Sharing to Twitter now easier



Last month, reports speculated that Instagram may make its way to handsets running on the Windows Phone operating system. According to a report by The Verge, sources familiar with Microsoft’s Windows Phone plans informed it that the app may be made available for this platform.


Instagram was compatible with iOS devices since its inception. Due to the rapid growth of its popularity, its developers launched the service for Android devices as well. The author of the report by The Verge, Tom Warren, states, “We're hearing from sources familiar with Microsoft's Windows Phone plans that an Instagram app will be made available for the platform, despite Facebook's recent acquisition of the service for $1 billion”.


Early last month, Facebook closed its purchase of Instagram. While the deal was earlier valued at $1 billion, Facebook's stock price diminished in value since its IPO. With Facebook trading at $18.06 on August 31 when the deal closed, it was worth about $715.3 million, $300 million of it in cash, and the rest in stock.


Instagram 3.0 recently became available for download for Instagram users on iOS and Android platforms. Available on the respective app stores, the focal point for the new, updated version is the browsing experience. The new update brought to the table, as the app's makers put it across in an official blog post, "a new and unique way" to view their own photos and those of others on a map. Simply put, this means that after the update, users need not go through pages and pages of photos while browsing. 


The post further added that on newer devices, users should experience improved browsing speed. Another addition to Instagram 3.0 was the infinite scrolling in feeds. Users can view more photos while browsing through the app, without clicking on 'load more'. With Instagram 3.0, users can flag not only photos, but also comments for review. 


Photo Maps clearly takes the spotlight on Instagram 3.0. Essentially a new way to browse through photos on Instagram, Photo Maps allows users to display their shots on a map. The Photo Map appears on a user's profile, and users can also view Photo Maps of other users from their profile. Before a map goes public, users will be asked to review the photos they geotagged earlier. Users can also remove their photos from the Photo Map to remove any associated geo-data, but the photos remain as they are on their profile.

Published Date: Oct 20, 2012 05:25 pm | Updated Date: Oct 20, 2012 05:25 pm