Instagram for Android updated, now supports Nexus 7 and Flickr

Instagram, the popular image capturing application for the iPhone that was recently launched for the Android, has an update on its way. The latest update adds two main features: one, support for the newly launched Nexus 7 tablet by Google; two, the ability to upload photos directly to Flickr, the popular online image hosting site owned by Yahoo!. The Nexus 7 has a mere 1.2 MP camera while Instagram is known to support phones featuring cameras with decent specs. It appears they are making an exception with the the Nexus 7. The tablet would be one of the first products that support both Flickr and the Jelly Bean OS. Flickr themselves launched an Android app late last year announcing its foray into the Android arena. Flickr users who also use Android can not only capture high resolution images, but also share them using one of the many social networking services made available as part of the service and app.


Instagram on Android has seen immense success. It has emerged as one of the most anticipated applications to grace Android devices till date. Instagram has come a long way since its launch as an iOS-only, photo sharing and editing app. While for many users Instagram is about sharing their experiences through photos, for others, it's about making art through their phones. 

Update arives in less than a week

Another major update for the popular photo app



Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion a few months back. Facebook had no plans to shut down Instagram as the company has done with previous startups they've acquired. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook has declared that certain features in Instagram would not go away just because of its new owner. Features such as sharing to Twitter and other rival networks would still be built-in, so would the ability to share to Facebook. Users would also have the option to connect Instagram to Facebook to find people to follow which means connecting Facebook and Instagram will not be mandatory. Facebook has said that they want to learn from Instagram's experience and bring it over to their own products. 


Earlier reports have also indicated that the photo editing and sharing application hit 10 million downloads in the first 22 days of its existence on Android. The service itself is close to reaching 50 million users across all platforms, having hit the 40 million mark about two weeks ago and the 25 millionth mark back in March, making it the biggest mobile-only social network. When Kevin Systrom, creator of Instagram announced the availability of Instagram for Android, coming soon at SXSW, he stated that the app had over 30 million users. 

Published Date: Jul 17, 2012 06:49 pm | Updated Date: Jul 17, 2012 06:49 pm