Instagram brings offline mode to Android; iOS app to get it in coming months

Instagram is working on an offline mode for the app so that people can use the app even when they are offline. Using the app offline really means that the app shows you cached versions of the Explore and Home sections while not connected to the internet.

Any likes, comments, unfollow requests, and post saves that you do will then be saved by the app and synced to Instagram servers when you connect to the internet next time. The profiles that the users visited earlier will be available to browse.

The company announced that it has been working on this mode since quite some time and most of the functionality is available for Android users. According to the TechCrunch report detailing this announcement, the iOS version of the app will gain offline mode in coming months.

This mode will be an important move for Instagram as about 80 percent of 600 million Instagram users live outside the United States. The user engagement will go up especially in the areas with spotty network or unstable internet connection like developing countries.

Even though this may not be light weight option such as ‘Facebook Lite’ but its a step in the right direction. This announcement comes days after Instagram announced the launch of a feature addition where it will now allow users to sort their saved posts in collections.

Published Date: Apr 20, 2017 12:28 pm | Updated Date: Apr 20, 2017 12:28 pm