Instagram brings Halloween-themed updates: 'Superzoom', Halloween-themed filters and stickers

Ahead of Halloween, Instagram has added a superzoom feature as well as spooky filters and stickers to Instagram.

Instagram. Reuters.

Instagram. Reuters.

First, the superzoom feature. When the user opens the video section, a superzoom option appears next to boomerang.

On selecting this, a dedicated button for superzoom appears. On pressing this, the app zooms the picture automatically. As the pictures 'superzooms' the suspenseful music in the background intensifies.

The same can be used for selfies and non selfie modes as well, like a simple book on a table. This feature dramatizes the object in focus. The video can be shared via Instagram Direct or on Instagram Stories.

Instagram has brought a superzoom feature keeping Halloween in mind. Instagram.

Instagram has brought a superzoom feature keeping Halloween in mind. Instagram.

The next feature that was introduced are filters and stickers.These filters are that of a zombie, a vampire, a flying bat, or a frog.

Adding to this, are few Halloween themed stickers such as the Halloween pumpkin, hanging spider, Zombie hands, or red horns which can add flavor to the Halloween celebration.

These updates are available in Instagram's version 20. They are present in Android on Google PlayStore and on iOS in AppStore.

Instagram has introdiced Halloween themed filters. Instagram

Instagram has introdiced Halloween themed filters. Instagram.

Instagram has recently updated its app with another feature where the user can invite their friends for live streams. Here the screen gets divided into two halves. On the upper half is the user while the lower half is the friend of the user they have invited. This way two people can livestream within a single stream.

It is not known if a similar feature can be seen on Facebook considering Facebook adopts the new features that are popular on Instagram such as Instagram stories being one. Though it must be noted that Instagram had adopted this from Snapchat.

Published Date: Oct 28, 2017 10:41 AM | Updated Date: Oct 28, 2017 10:43 AM