Inspan launches Pen tablets from Genius

Inspan Infotech, an IT distribution company for motherboards and hardware components has announced the launch of a series of pen tablets from Genius. The range includes Wired, Wireless, MousePen and Kids Designer pen tablets.

The EasyPen M406

The EasyPen M406



Genius G-Pen F350, G-Pen M712X, EasyPen M506, EasyPen M610X and MousePen i608X come with a USB interface, a work area ranging from 3 x 5 inches to 7.25 x 12 inches and come in a resolution varying from 2000 LPI to 4000 LPI. The MousePen i608X comes with a 3 button cordless mouse, whilst the G-Pen M712X and EasyPen M506 have 5 and 4 express keys, respectively. The Genius MousePen M508 and MousePen M508W come with 2.4GHz wireless interface, 5 x 8 inches work area, 4000 LPI resolution, 4 express keys and 3 and 2 button wireless mouse, respectively. The Kids Designer and EasyPen M406 come with an interface, 5 x 8 inches and 4 x 6 inches work area, 2540 and 2560 LPI resolution and 2 number of digital pen-number of buttons, respectively.


All tablets are 1024 level digital pen-pressure sensitive. All devices in the EasyPen series come with a battery-free pen. The G-Pen F350, G-Pen M712X, MousePen M508, MousePen M508W and MousePen i608X support Windows7/Vista/XP/Mac OS. The Kids Designer and EasyPen M406 tablets support Windows 7/Vista/XP OS, while the EasyPen M506 & EasyPen M610X support Windows 7/Vista/XP/Mac OS 10.4 or later versions of OS.


Here’s the pricing of the tablets:


  • Genius Tablet Easypen M406 - Rs.4,050
  • Genius Tablet Easypen M506 - Rs.6,260
  • Genius Mouspen M508 - Rs.5,899
  • Genius Mousepen M508W - Rs.8,500
  • Genius Tablet Mouse Pen i608X - Rs.3,699
  • Genius Tablet Easypen M610x - Rs.6,600
  • Genius Tablet Kids Designer - Rs.3,750


All products carry a warranty period of 1 year and are available ex-stock.