Infinity Blade: Dungeons may not be released before debut of iPad 4

One of the biggest games on iOS devices is the Infinity Blade series by Epic Games. According to CNET, the latest version of the game, Infinity Blade: Dungeons, may not be ready before next year. The game was used to demonstrate the graphical capabilities of Apple’s third-generation iPad during the unveiling of the tablet back in March.

According to Epic Games, the game is taking long to develop because developers from the new studio that is making the game – Impossible Studios – are adding their own ideas to the game, according to an interview with AllThingsD. Impossible Studios is formed of former employees of Big Huge Games – the developers of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

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Infinity Blade: Dungeons may not see a release before the next iPad


Impossible Studios was founded in June. Based in Hunt Valley, Maryland, Impossible is the latest addition to Epic’s network, which includes corporate headquarters in Cary, North Carolina; ChAIR Entertainment in Salt Lake City, Utah; People Can Fly in Warsaw, Poland; Epic Games Korea in Seoul, Korea; and Epic Games Japan in Yokohama, Japan.

Led by studio director Sean Dunn, Impossible’s first project is the touch-based action role-playing game 'Infinity Blade: Dungeons' for iOS. 'Infinity Blade: Dungeons', which was conceived at Epic’s Cary studio, is being developed in collaboration with Epic and ChAIR under Impossible’s roof in Maryland.

Some of the other games created by the development team when they were a part of Big Huge Games include renowned 'Rise of Nations' strategy games, 'Catan' for Xbox LIVE Arcade, 'Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties' for PC. Big Huge Games earned the Baltimore Business Journal’s 'Best Places to Work 2011' award and was also honored as one of Game Developer magazine’s top 30 developers in the world earlier this year.

“We were so glad we could help keep this great team together, and we’re lucky to have them,” said Epic Games President Dr. Michael Capps. “At the time, I said that finding a full team of superstars was ‘impossible’ and apparently the name stuck! Pairing the imagination and experience of Impossible with Epic’s technology, IP and resources makes for a business greater than the sum of its parts.”

Epic Games is the creator of the popular Unreal engine. The Unreal Engine has been one of the most popular and versatile game engines to be released. It has powered many games, some of the more popular ones being the Gears of War series for the Xbox 360, the BioShock series and the Batman Arkham series, among others.

Epic unveiled Unreal Engine 4 by showing a video of live gameplay of its tech demo Elemental. The video had amazing lighting, which seemed to be the focus of the latest iteration of Epic’s Unreal Engine. Some upcoming games using the Unreal Engine other than Fortnite, which will debut Unreal Engine 4, will be Borderlands 2, BioShock Infinite, Devil May Cry, and XCOM: Enemy Unknown, among others.

Published Date: Oct 18, 2012 11:55 AM | Updated Date: Oct 18, 2012 11:55 AM