FreeCharge and IndusOS roll out Recharge 2.0, a powerful set of tools for tracking usage costs

Indus OS and FreeCharge have collaborated on a payment innovation called Recharge 2.0. The innovation allows Indus OS users to track usage, and make payments for prepaid connections using FreeCharge. The features give users a powerful set of tools to budget their plans. Constantly being updated about how much money you are spending where is a good way to reduce the amount of money spent.


Daily usage breakdown, amount spent on each number, and amount spent shown in call history.

The balance information is displayed in the dialer itself, and in the call log. Users can see granular information of how much each call had cost them. The feature is supported for dual SIM cards as well. There is a daily breakdown on spending on talktime, data and SMS. You can compare your spends over the days. There are also top usage breakdowns, which allow users to see the numbers they have spent the most money on.

The feature works on dual sim phones as well. Just select the sim from the menu.

The feature works on dual sim phones as well. Just select the sim from the menu.

The information also allows users to know on which days they tend to spend the most amount of money. Users can set an alert for when the balance goes below a custom threshold. The validity of the current plan is displayed right on top of the comparison view. A recharge with FreeCharge button on the bottom of the screen allows users to top up their balance with a single touch. FreeCharge automatically churns the usage information to suggest the best plans. Users just have to spend less than the previous day, and that means continuously saving more.


Balance in dialer, setting the threshold for alert and one toch top up with FreeCharge

The features are available only on Indus OS phones. The Indus OS is the second most common operating system in India. However, the operating system is installed in the phones in the factory itself, and it is not possible to install the operating system on other phones. Indus OS has powerful language localisation features, and allows Indian users to consume the latest smartphone technologies in their regional and local languages. Indus OS users are among the leading consumers of data in India.


Published Date: Jan 12, 2017 12:45 pm | Updated Date: Jan 12, 2017 12:45 pm