India's Rs. 1,600 Portable Computing Device: Quotes

It’s been said over and over again that our education sector has been in dire need of a serious update. It seems like the HRD (Human Resource Development) Ministry has a breakthrough solution for taking our education system into the 21st century. Enter this, the yet to be named ultra budget computing device. The sole purpose of designing a device this cheap was to facilitate a better communication and learning experience for students and teachers.

Here are a few quotes from the education sector –
"This decision by Mr. Kapil Sibbal is a boon to the students of India where almost 90% of the students come from the middle class. As mobile phones have created a revolution in the IT Sector, it will be another revolution in the field of education.”
M. M. Tripathi,
Chairman, Krishna Public Group of Schools

“It is very critical to ensure technological tools are enabled to the students & teachers such as the one recently launched by the Union Minister of HRD, Mr. Kapil Sibal. We appreciate the government’s effort in proposing this affordable tool for the education community at large and look forward for them to realize this dream into reality in terms of implementation in reaching the real users. A word of caution though is the pace at which the technology changes in today’s times; hence any delay in reaching these tools to students may severely affect the plans”

Madam Grace Pinto,
Managing Director of Ryan International and Ryan Global schools

This is what HRD Minister Mr. Kapil Sibal had to say -
"When we started the project, the response from the private sector was lukewarm. Now, many are willing to join the innovation.
We will give some subsidy on the device. As far as transport is concerned, if the transport cost is less, the government can bear that as well.
If more companies decide to manufacture a similar device, prices will come down automatically"

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Published Date: Jul 23, 2010 01:55 pm | Updated Date: Jul 23, 2010 01:55 pm