India's IITs are working on building their own self-driving cars that will tackle Indian roads

While Uber's Travis Kalanick joked about how hard it was to build a self-driving car for Indian roads, it seems that teams at the nation's elite IITs are already hard at work, out to tackle that very issue.

According to a report  by The Economic Times, students in their respective IIT campuses are hard at work building their own version of a self-driving vehicle. The teams that will soon be competing for the Rise Prize by Mahindra come from IIT Kharagpur, IIT Kanpur and IIT Bombay, among the many others.

The Rise Prize gives a chance for two teams to win a bounty of $1 mn in prize money for two projects, the Solar Challenge and the Driverless Car Challenge.

Students at their various institutions have already been testing what they think is the ideal technology for tackling Indian roads.  The Mahindra Group's Driverless Car Challenge involves thirty one shortlisted teams that must build a driverless car that will work not for the civilized Western roads, but the rather tricky Indian traffic scenarios.

Once up and running, the cars will first be tested in university campuses and then on city streets.

Mahindra's electric E20 will be the mule for testing out the software and hardware applications.

While the concept is new for some, IIT Kharagpur has been working on the sane for a almost a decade now. These are however a little different since the team was initially working to build an Autonomous Ground Vehicle Research Group (AGV). The programme, according to Quartz, has been in action at IIT Kharagpur since 2004.

While many automotive manufacturers have been testing out autonomous features on their cars, Tesla so far, has been the only one who seems to be ready to put its technology on the road.

Published Date: Mar 10, 2017 17:06 PM | Updated Date: Mar 10, 2017 17:06 PM