Indian teen's app finds its way to Microsoft's app store

An app developed by an Indian teen has found its way to the Microsoft app store. Bengaluru-based Pratik Mohapatra has developed a "Calculator Hub" app that has six calculators on one screen, reports the Times of India. This app gives a variety of options to the user, that too on the same screen of the phone. It includes a BMI Calculator with two options, and you just have to swipe to change, a temperature conversion calculator, a scientific calculator, an age calculator and calculators for simple interest and compound interest. This app was published by Microsoft very recently," he explains. 

The Calculator Hub app is the updated version of Mohapatra’s earlier "Calculator+" app, which he designed for WP-based phones. It has already received more than 350 downloads. About the app, he said, "It was not an easy experience, and I had to learn C# on my own. I faced a lot of problems as I got a lot of errors while debugging. Then I realized I needed to learn more and read more books about C#. I knew there was no shortcut.”

Screenshots of the Calculator Hub app

Screenshots of the Calculator Hub app


Explaining what prompted him to develop a calculator app, Mohapatra revealed that his dad had got him an Android phone and that he disliked the calculator on it. "He didn't find it comfortable to use and advised me to try and make a calculator app. I started developing apps for Windows phones as I had experience in C#. Moreover, there was no such concept before in the store. I think this is the first app to feature such a thing," says Pratik, who started developing apps at the age of 13," he said.


15-year-old Mohapatra, a student of National Public School, Koramangala, is reported to be exceptionally good at writing a bug-free C# code to develop an app, and has in the past developed several major ideas – some of which have featured on the store too.

For him, app developing isn’t just about fun, it gives him his pocket money too. “With each download I get for Calculator Hub, I earn Rs 55," he says.


If the Calculator Hub app has got you interested, you can download it here.

Published Date: Jun 01, 2013 15:22 PM | Updated Date: Jun 01, 2013 15:22 PM