Indian Railways to deploy train tracking software

Indian Railways has been striving to get some modern technologies in its kitty to better serve the passengers. Earlier this month, a report revealed that they been toying with the idea of fitting a GPS-based solution in trains, to help it provide real-time tracking - accessible on mobile devices and PCs. The technology would provide the exact location of a train with a 10 meter accuracy and latency of 2 minutes on a real time basis. Reportedly, passengers would also benefit from this system as the Centre for Railway Information Systems plan to integrated the GPS app with Google maps giving passengers precise details about their location. Now another report by Times of India reveals that the Indian Railways has plans to introduce the tracking software over its network in the next 18 months. This will be made possible via (Satellite Imaging for Rail Navigation). A pilot project will begin with 18 pairs of important trains.

Train tracking systems by 2013 (Image credit: Getty Images)

Train tracking systems over next 18 months (Image credit: Getty Images)


"This system provides precise location of the trains through interactive mode on mobile phones and laptops. It eliminates the need for telephonic enquiry," Vinay Mittal, Railway Board chairman said while inaugurating a two-day international convention on "Modern Train Control for Capacity and Safety Enhancement". He also said that further details to improve safety will be installed. Railways would install the Train Protection Warning System ( TPWS) covering a stretch of 3,300 km, which will cover high density stations.

IRCTC had gone mobile by allowing mobile services for booking tickets, which was a huge hit among the youth in Kerala. Obviously, what would be more convenient than using your mobile phones to book tickets in this mobile-web-era. The SMS would contain all essential details such as PNR number, names and number of passengers, coach and seat, date of journey, class and train number. In case of loss of phone or inability to provide the SMS, one can continue the journey by showing the identity proof and paying a fine of Rs.50.