Indian iPad Price gets Dropped already!

The iPad 2 launched last week and Apple followed it up with a price cut for the original iPad. We assumed that since India wasn’t in the list of countries the iPad 2 was announced as releasing in (oh, I’m so surprised), and since the original iPad had only just released here, the Indian prices wouldn’t be affected.

Cheaper NAO!

Cheaper NAO!


That doesn’t seem to be the case though, because one look at the Apple India website will tell you that the iPad rates have been slashed, barely a month after release. Check out the new prices below (initial prices are in brackets):

Wi-Fi + 3G:

  • 16GB – Rs. 31,900 (Rs. 34,900)
  • 32GB – Rs. 36.900 (Rs. 39,900)
  • 64GB – Rs. 41,900 (Rs. 44,900)


  • 16GB – Rs. 24,500 (Rs. 27,900)
  • 32GB – Rs. 29,500 (Rs. 32,900)
  • 64GB – Rs. 34,500 (Rs. 37,900)

Now I don’t know if that’s a foreshadowing of the iPad 2’s release here, as opposed to a Women's Day special offer, but I’m sure a few of you out there are hoping so. Either way, props to Apple India for following up on a worldwide price cut, even if they didn’t have to. Now where’s that iPhone 4 and iPad 2?

Published Date: Mar 08, 2011 08:59 am | Updated Date: Mar 08, 2011 08:59 am