Indian Hackers Target Pakistani Website to Protest Mumbai Blasts

After three blasts rocked Mumbai a couple of days ago a hacker group who go by the alias Indishell are protesting in an unconventional sort of way. They have taken down, a popular Pakistani website notorious for sharing pirated Bollywood music.

Indishell protests against Mumbai blasts

Indishell protests against Mumbai blasts


According to a report by The Hacker News, Indishell posted a message condemning the triple blasts saying, “Pray for all the innocent victims of Mumbai attack .This is a small answer from All Indians.. Remember we are Together.You can just kill innocent people .. Women & Childrens..But There is no Future for you. We are coming with huge speed..Corruption will be under control.. Every Indian will have Money n Power..Then there will be no one to Save you..You are dirty stamp on Pure Islam.. Try to Understand & Respect it..Just Remember We are coming Bye ..Exit".

The hackers from the Indishell crew who go by the aliases of Mr52, R00t_d2v!l, Silic0n, InX_rOot, s!l3nt_pi0sn ,Lucky, Ne0_h4ck3r, dodo and entr0py have defaced the homepage of and as of now the page is still unavailable.

For more information about the recent targets for hackers, click the link here

Published Date: Jul 16, 2011 10:40 am | Updated Date: Jul 16, 2011 10:40 am