India continues to languish at the bottom of OpenSignal's latest 4G LTE speed comparison list

A couple of months after having ranked lowest amongst 77 countries in terms of download speed, India has again featured at the bottom of the pile in OpenSignal's latest report for the period ranging 1 January to 31 March.

OpenSignal logo.

OpenSignal logo.

OpenSignal back in December had published the October edition of 'The State of LTE' report where it had ranked India the lowest amongst the 77 countries it had featured in its list, in terms of the average 4G speed available. In its latest version of the report, India's average 4G LTE speeds continue to languish at the bottom. The average speeds recorded in India were at 5.14 Mbps, while Singapore topped the list with average speeds of 45.62 Mbps.

The UK-based company also keeps track of 4G availability across countries where India features at 15th place with an impressive 81.56 percent of overall coverage. This, however, is strangely a marginal dip from the 84 percent it had recorded back in November, pulling India down four places. Overall, South Korea offered the largest 4G availability to its users with 96.38 percent coverage.

Talking about India's sudden improvement in overall 4G availability, the report said,"In India, we have a unique case of a single operator having an enormous impact on the local 4G market. While we measured 4G availability for most Indian 4G operators at around 60 percent in our recent India report, new entrant Reliance Jio provided an enormous boost to India’s overall availability with the launch of a nationwide LTE network that attracted 100 million subscribers in the space of six months."

The dip in average 4G speeds was also explained by OpenSignal. According to the company, countries who have boosted their coverage over time also add more and more customers, which in turn reduces the bandwidth available to most users.

Published Date: Feb 21, 2018 15:28 PM | Updated Date: Feb 21, 2018 15:28 PM