Improve Your Cricketing Skills with Video Analysis

Keeping in mind the high level of competition in international sports, staying updated with the latest trends and technologies is vital. To perform at par with your competitors or outperform them, you need to train your skills and find ways to keep improving. There are ideally two ways to achieve this target. One is to correct, improve and improvise the way you play. The other is to understand the nuances of your opponent's game and use it to your advantage.

Video analysis is one such tool, which uses video feeds to break down various aspects of a game as may be required. The analysis can be to monitor performance of a player or a team, to monitor techniques for rectification and modification, or for creating an overall game plan.

Thus, video feeds are the source of every bit of information that is required. The key for getting a desired output is using the right software, and within the software, using the best possible template to get the data in a desired format. The videos need not be only the televised feeds alone. Nowaday, each team includes video and performance analysts, who collect data of their own too. And like any other intelligent system, video analysis tools can be effective only if there is a steady flow of data inputs over a considerable period of time.

Through various online web portals, you can monitor performance and establish interactions between the player and the coach over the Internet

The batsman's point of view

As a batsman, you need to know which shot to select depending on the ball that has been bowled to you. You cannot take the liberty of waiting till the ball comes to you; the shot has to be decided well in advance. And for a decision like that, you must keep two important details in mind. One is the field placements, and the other is the pitch of the ball. That can be done by understanding the general field placements for that particular batsman and other similar players. Also, the bowling length and bowling style determined by studying that bowler's past performances can be of great assistance.

Published Date: Apr 07, 2010 02:29 pm | Updated Date: Apr 07, 2010 02:29 pm