IIT Techfest 2011: Web Searching for Kids' Projects Just Got Easier

Now here’s a software application we witnessed at IIT Techfest 2011 that will make parents jump for joy - a web search engine for kids that optimizes and makes searching for terms a lot more interactive.

Collaborate with friends

Many of us have gone through the phase of making school projects and there is an endless amount of love shown from Google and Wikipedia. This search engine concept, called Collaborative Web Search for Pre-teens and Teens, makes searching for terms easier and a lot more interactive though. Samiksha Kothari from the Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay thought of this concept last year.

Chat with your project partner, send and receive files and more

Most search engines are text based and although Google has added featurea to make it more interactive, they still are predominantly text based. This search engine helps kids search for the exact terms - in language that their little minds can grasp and images corresponding to the terms. If projects involve partners, you can also share your information through an online chat application integrated to the software. The software also includes options to edit content as per your requirements.

Published Date: Jan 10, 2011 08:50 am | Updated Date: Jan 10, 2011 08:50 am