IIT-B boys develop app to automatically put phones on silent mode

There are quite a few of us who have been through the embarrassment of having our mobile phones let out a blaring ringtone in the middle of a lecture. Android users though, may have a bunch of IITians to thank, if that changes in the future. Although very niche at the moment, students at the prestigious IIT-Bombay have put together an Android app called Silencer. 


As reported by the Mumbai Mirror, the application automatically puts the mobile phone on the silent mode and switches over to the normal mode, once the lecture is over. The app is a result of the efforts put in by the institute’s final-year computer science students Aayush Singhal, Kanwal Prakash Singh and Ravi Vishwakarma and final-year electrical engineering student, Yudhister Satija. Interestingly, as per this report, the app had been developed for a competition, which it eventually did not win. However, that hasn’t deterred its popularity on campus. 

App to turn your phone on silent mode (Image credit: Getty Images)

App to turn your phone on silent mode (Image credit: Getty Images)



Going further, the report adds that as Kanwal Singh explains, “In IIT, every course has a fixed slot. All the user has to do is select his/her slot and the application will turn on silent and normal modes automatically.”


Detailing more on the work done, the report adds that the boys took two days to build it. They then tested it for a week and then made it available to students for download. Quoting from the report, “The application was put up on student servers at the end of August and has since been downloaded 550 times.”


Unfortunately, though the app is available only to IIT-B students at the moment. They, however plan to introduce it soon for everyone. In fact, the report quotes Singhal as saying, “We will now try to sync the application to the Google calendar on anyone’s phone so that people can automatically their phones turn silent during meetings and other appointments.”


Quoting Professor Urjit Yagnik, dean of student affairs at IIT-B, the report added that, "Considering that classes get disturbed at times because of cell phones, it's very helpful application. The reason why I'm encouraging these students is that these kinds of projects foster creativity and productivity."


Clearly, once this app makes it to the public domain, it will make for interesting uses. It is not unusual to find ourselves, or even others in situations in which our phones just go off in public. An application such as this one would make for an intelligent move, depending on how well it fares in a more outdoors scenario. 

Published Date: Oct 03, 2012 07:02 pm | Updated Date: Oct 03, 2012 07:02 pm