IFA 2011: World’s first BitTorrent TV announced

Vestel, a Turkish HDTV manufacturing company, have announced the first ‘BitTorrent certified’ TV with functionality most users will be familiar with – ability to download torrents, share and play files directly on the TV, reports TorrentFreak.

World’s first BitTorrent TV

World’s first BitTorrent TV


Their new announcement has come at the IFA show in Berlin where they are currently showcasing a prototype of the device. The certified application will also allow users to play the downloaded files on devices other than the TV like, mobile phones or computers. Also, the company claims that all conversions methods and codecs are bundled into the application that saves users the hassle of converting it from one format to another. How exactly this will be implemented has not been clarified, currently. However, if they do build a seamlessly integrated application with quick HD conversion support, the whole process might just become simpler for less tech-savvy people.


The application will be integrated into a new all-in-one ecosystem for BitTorrent-certified products codenamed Chrysalis. BitTorrent has confirmed that they plan to launch two new devices that will be running on the Chrysalis software. More details haven’t been divulged but what do you think, will this be just another sticker on your HDTV? Or the only sticker that really matters?

Published Date: Sep 03, 2011 11:26 am | Updated Date: Sep 03, 2011 11:26 am