IFA 2011: Samsung offers 'MultiView' with its MV800 camera

At the ongoing IFA 2011, popular electronics brand, Samsung, have unveiled their MultiView, MV800 camera. Perhaps, the most striking feature of the camera is its ‘Flip-out’ display. Samsung reveals that this USP feature would give the customers the freedom of covering their images from different angles. The MV800 camera sports a 26mm wide-angle lens and shoots images with 16.1 megapixels resolution images and packs in 5x optical zoom abilities. Samsung adds that its latest ‘Flip-out’ wonder comes with Smart Touch 3.0, wherein users can drag and launch the icons of their choice with a single touch. The South Korean company allows users to set personalized photos as their wallpapers on the MV800.

The Flip-out wonder!

The Flip-out wonder!



The MV800 comes with other features like picture-in-picture, wherein as the name suggests it is possible to place a picture within a picture, and even play around with the size and the position of the smaller picture, Samsung adds. Live Panorama, the next feature Samsung has introduced allows users to capture an entire wide-angle scene with a sweep by just holding onto the shutter button. The Magic Frame feature, adds Samsung, allows the user to fool around with his images for a comic angle by just rubbing the required portion of the photo and inserting another image in the emptied space, this along with Funny Face should incite some more laughter. Samsung adds that it is possible to do all the alterations on an image, and keep them even when the camera is in motion with the Face Tracking feature. 


With the 3D photo feature, Samsung enables users to enjoy 3D quality images by connecting it to an HDTV. Another interesting feature that Samsung has introduced is the Pose Guide, wherein the camera guides the users on the 'right kind of poses', by selecting the desired pose and having a dotted guide to fit the subject's pose to fit, or come close to the desired pose. Samsung also enables photo editing 'on-the-go'. Edits like photo rotation, adding effects, image cropping are among the edits, Samsung offers. An interesting edit feature, aptly called Beauty Shot helps you edit blemishes on the subject's face. 

Published Date: Sep 02, 2011 02:34 pm | Updated Date: Sep 02, 2011 02:34 pm