ICS update for Samsung Galaxy Note pushed to Q2

We’re afraid we have some bad news for all Galaxy Note users, as Samsung has pushed back their ICS update for the Galaxy Note till Q2 of this year. Samsung had earlier promised Android 4.0 to the Galaxy S II and the Note in the first quarter, to which, they did release the update for the S II, but for reasons unknown, the Note will have a wait a bit longer. This news comes from the Samsung Norway's Facebook page, which states that ICS will be arriving in Q2.

The Galaxy Note coming soon

Still have some waiting to do


One of the main reasons for holding back the update could have something to do with the issues that many users facing with their S II, after the update. The problems involve a lot of lag when scrolling, reduced Wi-Fi performance and other minor niggles, like the inability to resize widgets. This could be the primary reason why Samsung may have held the update back. Rather than receive flak for an improper ICS build, they are probably taking their time to iron out the bugs.


One of the main reasons why Samsung (and the others as well) are taking their sweet time with the updates is because of the heavy skinning involved. They have to customize the interface and at the same time, ensure that it runs smoothly. Samsung haven’t said when in Q2 they’ll be launching the update, so it could be as early as April or it could even be June, we don’t know yet. Other than the phones, Samsung’s tablets, like Tab 750, 730 and 620 should also be getting an ICS update in the coming months, although we haven’t heard anything about this from them as of now. We’ll keep you updated as and when we learn more.