ICS Face Unlock works even with photos

One of the neatest features of the latest OS update, Ice Cream Sandwich, is that one can unlock their device using the face recognition feature called Face Unlock. While this may not be a new technique used for unlocking a device, it’s the first time Google has incorporated it in their operating system. There have been issues raised after the announcement of Face Unlock that anyone with a photograph of the person could unlock the device. A Google employee tweeted back regarding the issue saying, “Nope. Give us some credit.”


A digital photo can unlock your ICS handset

A digital photo can unlock your ICS handset



However, as per a YouTube video doing the rounds, a person has managed to unlock the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, using a digital photograph of himself on a Samsung Galaxy Note. He explains, “While some of you think that it is a trick and I had set the Galaxy Nexus up to recognize the picture, I assure you that the device was set up to recognize my face. I would love to do this test again but I don't have a Galaxy Nexus, it is VERY hard to come by as it is not launched yet, but I urge anyone with a Galaxy Nexus to do the same test. Program the device to recognize your face and then try to trick the same device with a similar looking picture, it will work.”

According to a report by ZDNet, when contacted by Google regarding this security issue, the company stated that as of now, Face Unlock was in its experimental stage. The Google representative stated that, “Face Unlock is less secure than a pattern, PIN, or password. Someone who looks similar to you could unlock your phone.”

Hopefully by the time Google rolls out further updates of Ice Cream Sandwich, this issue will be sorted out. Let us know your reactions regarding this security issue of Android Ice Cream Sandwich in the comments below.