iBall Released A Mobile Phone That Can Float. It's Called The Floater

iBall's come out with a set of mobile phones, the most interesting of which is aptly titled, The Floater (tee hee). The name might suggest that it floats in water, but nowhere does it promise that it floats. What it does promise is roughness and toughness. It claims to be waterproof, dust proof and drop proof (up to 1.6m). This will be confirmed in our upcoming review, wait for it!

The Floater (tee hee)

Other features of the phone include a 1.44 inch display, Hindi and English support, built in torch, 3 hours of talktime with up to 130 hours standby time, and FM capabilities.

The other phones launched include the Shaan series (three regular candy bar phones), the Flipper (a flip phone with 1.04 inch OLED screen and dual camera with zoom), the Glider (a slider with 2.6 inch display and 3 MP camera), the Sleec (a QWERTY phone which claims to be the thinnest in India at 8 mm thick), the Posh (which is a candybar with a 2MP camera in a metallic finish) and the Touch (touchscreen phone with a 3.2 inch display and 3 MP camera).

One phone that caught our eye though, after the Floater (tee hee) that is, is the Senior Citizen series of phones. iBall's released two models which are the Arpan and the Aasaan, which are ergonomically designed for senior citizens while having the same features as most candybar phones.

Published Date: Nov 11, 2010 05:16 pm | Updated Date: Nov 11, 2010 05:16 pm