IB reveals 2,100 mobile trackers have gone missing

Privacy of data and security are topics that are on everyone's mind and issues surrounding these have been making news for quite some time now in India. The Intelligence Bureau (IB) has now revealed that about 2,100 mobile phone snooping devices have gone missing and are probably with some unknown users across India. This revelation will come as a security nightmare to the Ministry of Home affairs (MHA), and also is a huge threat to the privacy of the citizens of India. Needless to add, these mobile tracking devices are a threat to just about everyone under surveillance. 



IndiaToday elaborating further on this bit of information reports that the Intelligence Bureau has been unable to track all these devices, while the government also suspects that these devices have been misused to spy on some targeted individuals and also for corporate espionage. Some unknown sources say that if this is to be the case then some corporate biggies are sure to get under the scanner over misuse of the snooping machines. If you're wondering about what has been stopping the officials from tracking back the devices, then reports claim that it’s the sheer lack of technology, which would've helped them to trace the devices.


The Indian government wants a private eye

Keeping an eye....



The machines were said to have been imported four years ago, under the General Open License scheme and reportedly, the people who imported these devices gave fake addresses, so that it would be impossible to trace them. The government banned the import two years ago and while government agencies surrendered these devices, no individuals have come forward to deposit them. 

Staying updated with the latest technology seems to have become the need of the hour. While the news of CWG being attacked 100 times came to light in 2010, it was also disclosed that though the attacks were stopped, DRDO lacked tools required to do so effectively. So, DRDO was planning to form a powerful encryption group, which would create encryption techniques to fight back such attackers. The DRDO also planned to craft some superior servers and routers, along with operating systems to help fight back such attacks.

Published Date: May 23, 2012 01:10 pm | Updated Date: May 23, 2012 01:10 pm