I&B ministry use Facebook to make cable digitization plan public

Keeping in tandem with changing times, the Information and Broadcasting Ministry have resorted to Facebook to create awareness about their plans to digitize the cable sector in the country. Naturally, the ministry wants to place itself in a domain frequented by its masses to better convey its message. Early this month, we had reported about Analog cable being slowly phased out in the country, and that by 30th June, 2012, users across the four metros - Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai will not be able to view their channels, unless they've made the shift. To facilitate awareness on the government's plans to digitize the cable sector in the country, the ministry now have a dedicated Facebook account - www.facebook.com /DigitalIndiaMIB. In its statement, the ministry stated, "The Government has launched a new and dedicated facebook account, namely, www.facebook.com /DigitalIndiaMIB to facilitate exchange of information and clarifications on a wider canvas of public participation, covering a whole gamut of public concerns."


Post June 30th, 2012 it'll all be gone!

Post June 30th, 2012, it'll all be gone!




The ministry, further hopes to make the most of their social networking stint, by encouraging and facilitating a platform for interaction. The Facebook account,  itself, reportedly, will contain answers to some of the frequently asked questions (faqs) and will also subsequently provide links to other connected organizations involved in the process of digitization. The ministry is also looking forward to conducting special awareness campaigns to educate people about their digitization plans. 


Certainly looks like the ministry is doing all that it takes to reach their final deadline for the analog to digital conversion, which is December 31st, 2014.


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