to be renovated; April 30 last day for backup

HTC's very own cloud service, is closing down on the 30th of April for renovation. All those who had opted for their cloud storage have started receiving emails by HTC to notify them before HTC shuts down the service for renovation. HTC have urged their customers using the cloud storage to backup all their data before the end of next month as all of the data would be deleted when the site goes in for maintenance.

Announcement on the website

Announcement on the website



To backup your data, all you need to do is go to, login with your HTC Sense username and password, go to 'Account Overview' section and click the 'Download' button and it'll backup all the data to a .zip file for easy viewing. HTC also mentions that if you need other backup services to fit your needs, then you should log onto Google Play and download apps. We recommend you to use apps, such as My Backup Pro or LifeSaver2 as examples.


The company has not mentioned just how long this ‘down time’ will last. We’re assuming that perhaps this 'renovation' entails a slight ramp up to include some of the new services HTC has been talking about lately. Could it also come back with an integration of their new upcoming music streaming service, along with Beats that we mentioned earlier?


Either way, backing up your data is a fail-safe that we recommend all users should comply with.


HTC, in a discussion with over the closure of services for the Indian market, stated that, "In response to customer feedback HTC is improving our services to provide a more enhanced customer experience. As part of that effort, on March 19 2012, HTC will be removing some services including the backup and restore andphone location services. Customer data will continue to be available for download for 30 days to ensure customers do not lose any important information.HTC recommends that customers who want additional security, phone location or backup services should visit the Android marketplace to download the applications that best meet their needs."

Published Date: Mar 28, 2012 04:10 pm | Updated Date: Mar 28, 2012 04:10 pm