HTC To Unviel A 'Dual Core Monster' Phonezilla

Rumour has it that HTC (which is always in the news for one reason or another) is in the news again, this time for unleashing a beast of a phone, which is said to run on a dual-core Snapdragon processor. Leaked reports about the HTC Glacier claiming to be the first smartphone with a dual-core processor, have been making the rounds on many sites and I saw it myself on GLBenchmark. According to a screenshot from GLBenchmark (which has since been removed), the HTC Glacier outperformed a number of smartphones running the standard, 1GHz Snapdragon processor, which has a single core.

Apparently, there was benchmark data from the new phone put on the website, GLBenchmark, which showed some pretty impressive stuff. Discovered by, the Glacier is the new name for a T-Mobile device originally code-named, Project Emerald. The image below shows you the comparison chart between the HTC Glacier, Motorola Droid X, HTC EVO 4G and T-Mobile G1, from the GLBenchmark site.

This will be revolutionary for two reasons. First, it will officially have more processing power and speed than most PCs found in the Indian Government offices, and secondly the more the speed, the more the fun on the phone. You would never want to use your PC again. I hardly sit at my PC anyway, as most of my work of typing emails and scripts are done over the phone but this would be a different experience altogether.

it With a host of phones especially following the IPhone’s direction, it’s not hard to project what all OEMs are aiming at. The end of the game however still remains to be seen. Whether an IPhone killer will just raise another IPhone from the dead, or will banish it into exile for good, only time will tell.

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Published Date: Aug 05, 2010 05:18 pm | Updated Date: Aug 05, 2010 05:18 pm