HTC takes a swipe at ‘that other’ Windows Phone

At the recent Microsoft Windows Phone 8 launch event, Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer took to the stage, and praised all the latest Windows 8 devices. But with the event done, it's time for the brands to market their devices more aggressively. It appears that the gloves are now off, and the punches have begun flying albeit subtly. On its official Facebook page, HTC has posted an image of the HTC 8X with a caption stating, “Don't get weighed down. The HTC 8X is more than 20 pennies lighter than that "other" Windows Phone.”

The caption is befuddling, but a second glance at the image of 20 pennies reveals that the '‘other phone'’ referring to as a 'heavy' handset is the Nokia Lumia 920. The weight of 20 pennies is exactly 50 grams. The Nokia Lumia 920 weighing 185 grams is approximately 52 grams heavier than the HTC 8X.

The phone is indeed quite light

The phone is indeed quite light


It will be interesting to see how this marketing strategy pans out for the brand. Steve Ballmer announcing that Nokia is the leading Windows Phone manufacturer yet works in favour of Nokia. From the looks of it, competition is scaling up. Nokia, HTC, and Samsung have great offerings running on the Windows Phone 8 operating system.

Microsoft launched the mobile operating system at an event on Monday. As a part of the announcement, Microsoft revealed new features, including Kid’s Corner and Rooms. Details and pricing for a range of new smartphones from Nokia, Samsung and HTC were revealed. Each smartphone in the range has its own differentiated design, colour, and features. Windows Phone 8 devices go on sale in November through carriers and retailers around the world. However, it is still too soon to tell when these devices would be launched in India.

“We can’t wait for the world to meet Windows Phone 8, the most personal smartphone there is,” said Terry Myerson, corporate vice president of the Windows Phone Division at Microsoft. “Windows Phone 8 comes on a range of phones that are stunning, colorful and unique.”

Microsoft states that Live Tiles are the core of Windows Phone. Users can arrange the iconic Start screen whichever way they like by pinning people, apps, music, games, photos, and other tiles. One has the option of customising the Live Tiles, and there are three different sizes and 20 different colours of tiles to choose from.

Here is a quick look at some of the new Windows Phone 8 handsets:
The Nokia Lumia 920 offers great photography that fits in your pocket and it is the world’s only smartphone to include Optical Image Stabilization. The Nokia Lumia 822, 820 and 810 offer a ClearBlack display and removable back exchangeable shells in a range of colours. Both the Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 offer wireless charging.

Microsoft states that the Windows Phone 8X by HTC was designed with lines and colours to match Windows Phone’s new Live Tiles. This phone also features great optics with 1080p video recording, an f/2.0 aperture and a dedicated HTC ImageChip on the main 8-megapixel camera and an ultra wide-angle lens on the front camera that lets you fit up to four people in the frame for a good Skype experience. The 8X and the recently announced 8S, both boast of a great music experience with Beats Audio and exclusive built-in amps that pair perfectly with Xbox Music.

Published Date: Oct 31, 2012 06:10 pm | Updated Date: Oct 31, 2012 06:10 pm